Thursday, June 4, 2009

Softball Funnies and Lame Umpires

Our company has a softball team and I along with another co-worker are the el capitans. It’s so funny being on a work team. We’re not the best but we’re not the worst team in the league, but every game has offered some sort of hilarious act.

One of our first games, we had one of the more petite women I work with out in center field. It was a terrible game we were losing 30 min into the game by twenty. It was bad (r u rethink the whole “we’re not the best, but we’re not the worst statement now?).

Anyways- the other team hit a great beautiful pop fly right to this petite coworker. I was thinking this would be great because then we’d finally have 3 outs with her catch. She puts her mit up-ready to catch it and THUD! The ball bounced off her glove and hit her square in the forehead.

Running through me head were these thoughts: Dang it-now we have to keep playing in this crappy inning (first thought); Oh crap is she OK???? (2nd thought-is that bad that I first think of winning?-just goes to show how competitive I am and that I hate to lose!)

I’m playing second base, so I start running towards her when I hear the ump yelling “That’s Game.” What?-we’re in the middle of a play. Everyone on the field is confused-we want to see if she’s ok but we still need to finish the play. No one understood why he called the game. The ball was still in play, and the man who hit the ball was still running around the bases. Everyone is confused but basically the ump decided that our injured player was enough to call the game in the middle of a play and decided then and there to in-act the slaughter rule (I told you the score was definitely not in our favor).

So this poor co-worker is dazed, running around looking for the ball as she tries not to cry still in an effort to help the team get an out. But the dumb ump called the game-but heck she can’t hear him out in the outfield-plus she just got knocked in the head-I mean jeez ump give us a break!

It’s was so funny. The poor co-worker had a huge goose bump on her head and got a black eye from it. I have no doubt that this hilarious softball moment will be talked about for a long time at work.

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