Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eclipse: Fresh and Cool-Really?

I know another gum review but I can't help it-their so fun to do! I swear I'll write a real blog post soon. As for now-you can know if I really like this gum...

The Fresh and Cool Gum by Eclipse was very good when the taste first reached my palate.
I could smell and taste the gum before I even chewed into it (which was a good thing because a sometime “inconvenient” coworker tried to intervene my trying the gum).

The reason that I only gave this gum a 3.9 out of 5 was because I’ve been chewing it for at least twenty minutes and I’m ready to spit it out. So is it just another mint flavored gum? This is an average mint gum but if you expect a mild taste-think again.

It’s very powerful-it cleared my sinuses right up. I have to admit I’ve now spit out the gum and the mintyness still resonates in my mouth which is a good sign for those of us who like strongly flavored gum that lasts even after you’ve spit it out. In that regard it does live up to its name Fresh and Cool.

So this gum is great if you’re going out in a date. You’ll have fresh breath long after you spit out the gum. This is also great for when you eat at your favorite Italian restaurant. You want to eat that delicious garlic bread and not feel guilty about making your friends pass out afterwards- chew this gum.

But I have to say this gum isn’t nearly as savory as some. It just doesn’t stick out in my mind as a great flavored gum but it still does the job-if the job is giving you great breath and not a great mouth watering - chewing experience.

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Michelle said...

Very enlightening, Jessica! I've got to say, gum has come a long way. When I was a kid, it NEVER held it's flavor longer than 10 minutes. The other day I went to the Temple with gum in my mouth, and two hours later the flavor was still going strong! Of course I have no idea what brand or flavor it was. Oh well.