Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mango Smoothie Downs the Competition

So some friends at work and I try out new gum all the time and then have to rate them. We try to be unique and this review I thought was really great about Extra's Mango Smoothie:

"The Wrigley’s Extra Fruit Sensations Mango Smoothie Gum really does have it all. Fruity gum isn’t usually my typical choice when running down the super market aisle. However, when I was given a piece of this Mango Smoothie by the wonderful Mr. Zabel I was pleasantly surprised. The minute you open up the package, the mango-strawberry aroma rises up pleasantly to my olfactory senses. The gum chewing experience got even better as I popped it into my mouth. Hmmmm. It was Gum Heaven!

Since the gum makers began to create fruity flavors beyond the typical spearmint, bubble gum, hot, and peppermint flavors I haven’t really branched out. Fruity to me is well fruity. But this Mango Smoothie Gum really does have it all. I give it a 5/5 rating. It’s beyond delicious it’s heavenly. The flavor lasted for a long time and the gum didn’t lose its form after chewing it for a long time.

If you’re looking for a smooth, relaxing bit of heaven for your mouth-try Mango Smoothie Extra Fruit Sensations Gum."

Pretty Funny. What's your favorite flavor of gum?

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Lindsay said...

JESS!! I loved reading this post (I told you I'm a blog stalker)--you are hilarious. I wanted to tell you that I was investigating digital scrapbooking for a project I'm working on and I totally watched your top ten reviews video on it. Sehr gut, you little anchorwoman you. I love you and miss you--let's catch up soon!