Wednesday, May 20, 2009

California Vacation

There is nothing better than a vacation is there? I recently went to Southern California with family. It was our last hurrah before my brother Jay leaves for Fortelaza, Brazil. We did the typical trip of visiting all the theme parks and spending a day at Newport Beach. There is just something about California that I love. I hope that in the next 10 years I find my way there. I would love to live there and experience the California living.

We like to pose...My mom wanted this to be the best picture. I think we talked about what we would do for a half an hour. She wanted it to be perfect.
Nothing better than spending a day at the happiest place on earth.
I've been to Sea World a lot in the past 2 years. I made everyone do this park in 1/2 a day. You can only look at Penquins for so long...But of course the whales get all the attention anyway.
I love Lucy! It was great to see my idol as not my idol but hey I can't help it. My fav episode is when they eat all the chocolate in the factory. LOL
3D Glasses-so sexy right?

F is For Foust. Its one of the best letters in the alphabet.
I only got this pic because a coworker of mine likes him. He kinda smelled funny-not the coworker but Beetle Juice. Anyways it was a fun vaca and it was great to get out of town for a week.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Remembering BYU

It’s been just over a year since I graduated from BYU. I wish I was still there. So to commemorate my time at BYU, I’ve made a list of just some the good times that I had during my four years of living in Provo, Utah.

Tennis Games-Made a lot of friends playing tennis with Squires. Did I mention we are women’s doubles intramural champions?

Nicmo Prank: Sophomore year. Boys wanting + Girls with water balloons at Kiwanis Park=Getting chased around Provo at 3 a.m….great prank.

True Blue Football: There is nothing better than rolling around in blue foam commemorating Homecoming Week.

Hiking the Y: I hiked the Y several times. I’ve done it in the middle of the night and in the middle of the day. Great hike to show you’re a real cougar.

Liberty Square Polar Bear: Ok we made this up when I lived there. Here’s how it works: Make snow angels outside in the well you know snow, and then run and jump into the pool (it’s in an icky bubble thing). We were frozen but the video we have from this is excellent.

Shaving Cream War: Let’s just say spectacular time.

Reporting Live From BYU: Reporting, anchoring, weather, executive producing was a blast. Living in the Brimhall building while working on stories from that lady who won prizes on Price is Right wearing a BYU shirt, to a dog that saved its family, to how firefighters save lives, and of course Miley Cyrus coming to Stadium of Fire.

Tuna/Cat Food Prank: 40 cans of tuna and cat food +FHE bro’s weren’t home + we had a key to their apt. Their apt stank so bad! This started a semester long prank war.

Park City Concerts: Nothing better than going to a concert in the middle of winter outside and drinking hot chocolate in the greatest ski city in the US.

Campouts: Gosh too many memories of these even to start listing. Bonfires, waking up at 4 a.m. to hike, rafting the Colorado River, and playing games in the tent are priceless.

Squaw Peak: Need I say more?

Utah Lake: Holds many memories from having fires on the beach to making Jen paddle me everywhere in our canoe on the lake.

Floating the Provo River: I swear no matter what time of year you go the river is always freezing. Fav memory from doing this is when Mark went under the bridge-a current took him under and ripped all of his clothing and popped his tube. He was so not happy. Ok one more for this-we took Megan’s truck up and we tried to put 5 tubes in the back. Obviously we can’t pack very well because the tubes kept flying out.

There are so many more but these are what comes to mind right now. Everyone should live in Provo for some serious good ole fashion BYU fun!