Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Best Movies of All Time?

I know we all have our favorite movies. But the classics remain the same-at least on my works website :) But I do think that a challenge is in order. Can you guess the top ten movies of all time? I bet you can name a few, but how about 10?
I'm sorry but I really don't feel like naming the answers right now. If I'm feeling particularly nice, I might list them tomorrow. In the mean time guess away!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Don’t Run to Sundance Unless You're Star Gazing

It’s Sundance Film Festival time in Park City, Utah. For me, I love going to Park City to walk the classic main street and occasionally see someone really famous. But for those of you who don’t like the cold, there is another option to enjoy Sundance without going to the snowy resort town that is Park City.

If you have access to iTunes, (which I think is safe to say that most of us do) then you have a front row seat to some of the indie woks of the Sundance Film Festival. Apple is allowing you to download up to ten short films for free. What’s the catch you ask? Nothing. The ten film downloads are free during the ten days of the festival. That means you have seven days left to download from today, or until January 25th.

As a snow lover and ski addict, I’ll probably head up to Park City anyways to see some of the films or at least to experience the Sundance atmosphere. If you’re a “star gazer” then you definitely want to head to Park City, instead of watching your fav’s on iTunes. But Kudos to Apple for making the Sundance Film Festival a little easier to experience if traveling to Utah isn’t an option.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Do You Have Brain Power???

Beyond messing up my hair, Mattel Mind Flex uses some interesting technology to have your brain power adjust a floating ball. You can move the ball up and down and through an obstacle course. Sounds a little bizarre? Check it out in action as I give it a try.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ozaki iUFO Speakers & More

Here's a quick look at a unique speaker set designed for your iPod Touch/iPhone. But lets face it, the fuzzy speaker covers are what really caught my attention. Who wouldn't want a big animal playing their music?????


This was my first experience at the Consumer Electronics Show. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work. Walking all over the Las Vegas Convention Center was a feat in itself. Between the convention center and the Venetian there were 2,700 exhibitors in many different product categories from audio to digital imaging, gaming, home theater, and in-vehicle technology.

We (my coworkers and I) searched the show for the best and most interesting products. I checked out 3D TVs, OLED TVs, software, gaming chairs, to batteries that run on water. It was all very interesting and informative and I got more nerdy the longer I was there. I’ll post the most fun products I saw in the next couple of days. You’ll see me racing a car in a sweet gaming chair that shakes when I crash (that happens a lot-only when I’m gaming of courseJ), to having a piece of equipment wrapped around my head where it uses my “brain power” to move a ball.

I hope you enjoy some of these videos from CES, even if it will take months to years to get our hands on the actual products!

LG Watch Phone

It's one of the most talked about products at CES. The LG watch phone will keep you in the know, even if you look a little nerdy using it. Check out this new product LG is getting ready to launch!

Sweet Headphones at CES!

Sleek Audio offers several options of headgear to compliment your favorite digital music player. I look forward to seeing more from this company. But seriously if you want wireless headphones that block out all noise-these are perfect! I tried them out and couldn't hear a thing the Sleek Audio rep was telling me-it was great.

Kid Zui-Protect Your Kids From Internet Predetors!

Kid Zui is a browser that parents can customize for their children. This provides an easy solution to ensure that your children are viewing safe material when you're not available to supervise. Check out the interview!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golfer's New Best Friend

Garmin introduces a new product focused on the golfing community. This video explains its hardware and functionality. With golfing maps, resorts, directions, and the like on the device, they've also included a golf club selection based on your position on the course.

Internet Security---protect your children!

Internet Security is always important. takes some time to explain some of the common threats that are out there and what steps they can take to prevent and protect your family from the internet security concerns.

Garmin Edge 705

This is the first of many CES videos we did while in Vegas. If you like to bike, this GPS system is for you!
The EDGE 705 from Team Garmin focuses on the bike traveling friends who might need a map on the go. The EDGE maintains data such as distance traveled, speed, and destination to assist during your travels and training practices for your records. It's flexible to work with other cycling hardware specifically.