Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009: A look at looks

As we wrap up 2009, here's a fun look at my show: TopTenREPORTS. It's basically a look at my hair. So feel free to give me your feedback. Which outfits, hair etc you liked or didn't like. :)


Anonymous said...

The pink outfit on 00:25 rocks! Your hair looks really cool!

abdulrahman al-lehyani said...

Everything is wonderful

jenn said...

That was fun...i know this is kind of 2 months late but i felt the need to voice my opinions. ready? OK!

00:09-- purpley cardigan...2 thumbs up
00:13-- i love that brown shirt/necklace
00:23-- necklace!
00:24-- i like that greyish jacket...& the up-do. more up-dos!
00:27-- That great shade of pink ruffled shirt- i like it

(& i think my least favorite was 00:24/25 cause the vertical stripes seem distracting to the eye)

Anywho that's all from me....keep up the great outfits!!

Remi said...

You're so gorgeous, I'm so in love ! If you want a boyfriend from France, if you want to make a trip by here, I'm all yours ! ^^
Many many kisses from Paris !


Anonymous said...

i liked it all, baby. you're hot